Artist Title Track Titles Cat. No. Format Year
The Artificial Arm Armtronic Action Ep Welcome To Planet Funk, Armtronic Action, Automatic Worm, Emotional Computer ORS 001 12" Vinyl 2004
Various Freaks Frequency Remixes S.A.E.F.F., Mr Velcro Fasterner and Point B remixes ORS 002 12" Vinyl 2004
Point B Fictionary E.p. Fictionary, Errosion, King Cirrus, Caustic ORS 003 12" Vinyl 2005
Espion Battle Stations Nitrosamines, Gamma Livestock,
Battle Stations - Original, Battle Stations - Orchestral Version
ORS 004 12" Vinyl 2005
The Artificial Arm Rumble Punk EP Rumble Punk, The Spy Theory, Sequencers & Strange Toys, You've been messing with my mind ORS 005 12" Vinyl 2005
Transparent Sound Voyeurs Chance EP Hair Cut Fantasy (Bangkok Impact Remix), Hair Cut Fantasy (Espion Remix), Voyeurs Chance, Voyeurs Chance (James Taylor- Swaysak remix) ORS 006 12" Vinyl 2005
Halstone Real Live Real Live, Real Live (Espion Glitch Mix), Real Live (Espion Beat mix) Orson 007 12" Vinyl 2006
Transparent Sound Hell Bent Hell Bent, + remixes by Mesak, Dub Kult & Espion Orson 008 12" Vinyl 2006
Craig Richards & Transparent Sound The Two Headed Monster Andy Toth:Jovian Zoology,Sweet 'n Candy:Mail,Crane A.K.:Electrothermid, Ryan Crosson:Artists Have Bad Haircuts,Lineas De Nazca:Circuito Interior,Apoll:From A To B (Falko Brocksieper Remix),LexdinamoIky,T.RaumschmiereKnisterpop,Und:Coccopuffs,Motor:1.1, Alex Under:Gavroche,Joel Mull:Untitled,Actual Jakshun:Sequential Circus, Louderbach:Grace (Anxiety),2000 And One:Get Down (Shinedoe Remix),Raudiv:Turn It Off,Marc Ashken:Hair Up High, CD2 (Transparent Sound live)Secrets Of The Sane,Voyeurs Chance, Hell Bent,The Cider Club,Sucking Lemons,The Two Headed Monster,Spot The Difference,Proper Techno,Vintage,Variations Of An Attitude. Orson CD001 Double CD 2006
Various The Two Headed Monster Sampler ep Sweet 'n Candy:Mail,Transparent Sound:Spot the difference(Dub Kult Remix),Und:Coccopuffs,Lexdinamo:Iky Orson Sampler EP 12" Vinyl 2006