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orson Orson

Orson Bramley is best known as the founder of the uk's electro funk pioneers Transparent Sound and Orson Records. Orson has forged himself a reputation as being a producer as well as a DJ & Live performer. Having played around the world at venues and clubs such as Fabric (London), Dance Valley, Sonar and to the world famous Burning Man Festival. as well as working for the Tate Modern Gallery, and ITV alongside Addictive TV and has also remixed The Cure with Transparent Sound.

In the early Nineties Orson was a member of legendary UK hip hop crew Severe Carnage, whose only release "The Struggle Continues" has become a cult classic amongst serious British Hip Hop fans.

These days Orson's live and DJ set take on many variations in style - just think all things electronic. He currently has his first solo album out on Orson Records entitled Inverted Snobbery available on digital and limited addition vinyl.

martin Martin

Martin has been working with Orson on their long term project, Transparent Sound since 1995. He studied classical guitar and double bass as a teenager, playing in several youth orchestras. He also played in many indie style rock bands before he turned his attentions to electronica.

Martin also DJs with Nick Hill as the Ministrone of Sound which is based in his home town Bognor Regis. They are well known for their "specialist" nights which involve races, dancing competitions, tune spotting and alot of drinking!

Craig Richards

Craig moved to London in 1987 where he studied visual arts at St. Martins School Of Art and The Royal College Of Art. During the Acid House explosion he began organizing illegal parties called Georgie (a tribute to recently deceased Playboy and genius footballer George Best). These were individually themed events which took place in film studios and interesting spaces.

During this period Craig worked as painter, photographer and graphic artist, DJing was merely a hobby and although he had always played records at his own parties, Craig's professional DJ career didn't start until 1997. By playing regularly at The End nightclub and his own nights, "Freaky Disco" and "Tyrant", his quirky and unpredictable sound quickly developed. House, dubby Techno, bongos, beats and bleeps hand crafted into an expressive and trippy selection.

Recognition came in 1999 when he was offered a weekly residency at Fabric in London, which at the time was still a building site. The success of Craig's weekly residency is integral to the success of Fabric. His mind bending early morning sets have become legendary and playing every week he has created an identity for the club, an anchor point but most importantly a sound.

His treatment of sound is instantly recognizable as a minimal, bass heavy groove presented with creativity and from the heart. An uncompromising and eclectic journey through hypnotic House, dark Disco, Old School, Electro, Minimal Techno and strange crackling sounds.

His influence at Fabric extends to inviting live acts and DJs to play alongside him and he is greatly responsible for the challenging and modern approach taken to Fabric's Saturday night programming.

His Tyrant label has released music by Sieg Über Die Sonne, Swag, Silicon Scally, SCSI-9, Soul Capsule, Transparent Sound and himself under the name of Scumdolly. More recently Craig has set up a new label with Howie B. As True Grit they are currently sculpting the soundtrack to a series of Victorian pornographic films and recording an artist album to be released in 2006.

Artificial Arm The Artifical Arm
Musically, I go by the name of The Artificial Arm, as simply, I have one-arm and I do indeed wear an artificial arm. I believe this is something to focus on and not to hide, as I feel it is relevant to my music. Being disabled I have always had to approach things in a different way, including music, and maybe this shapes my sound to a certain extent.

I have always loved music from as long as I can remember, but did not think I could possibly create it until later on. Like most people from my age group, late twenties to Thirties, I grew up with all the usual types of music, which shape our generation, such as soul/funk, ska, nu-romantic, electro/hip hop, House, the rare groove thing and much full biog by clicking here
Swayzak Swayzak
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point b Point b

Point B is the creation of Merseyside born Richard Bultitude. Since the days of his experimental post punk four track recordings Richard has come a long way, both musically and geographically. Now residing in London, Richard has created a large range of electronic and semi acoustic music for commercial release and TV.
As Point B he has performed as a DJ alongside the likes of Andy Weatherall, Lusine and Soundmurderer. He is now building a reputation for his live performances after appearing at events across Europe over recent years, such as Algorhythm (Barcelona) and Lost in Motion (Brussels) and Alt-Ctrl (London).

The first Point b release was for Erratica records in 2003 with the four track e.p. 'knowone'. Other releases include tracks for various compilations, a remix of Transparent Sound’s seminal ‘freaks frequency’, the ‘fictionary’ e.p. (on Orson Records) and the most recent record ‘After Burns’.

point b S.A.E.F.F.
Combining the experiences of an unstable sound designer and a mad computer scientist, the Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever! formed in 2003 to fight a growing olfactory menace threatening dancefloors across the country. Justin Maxwell (Friend-B) continually triggers the gag reflex of the techno scene with his projects on Palette Recordings and remixes for Really Great Artists He Isn't Going to Namedrop. His grittier work, solo, as 1/2 of legendary electro duo Volsoc, Heavy Pants Engineer of Pretension Records and as a level 52 cleric of the Diskchordians, generated a handful of chart-toppers, hundreds of whining Floridians, and new trends in the electro genre itself. He's done lots of other great things, but doesn't care to tell any of you about them. Cynthia Bruyns (Friend-T) co-founded breaks label Muti Music, promoted far too many events around San Francisco, and then out of frustration, and a psilocybin-induced vision, started mixing music-inscribed black plastic. Her DJing (and aircraft) brought her around the globe (which symbolizes the world because an actual globe woud be too small to mention as an accomplishment). She now spends most of her time writing music software, staring at shiny objects, and resisting the temptation to dress up the ferocious SAEFF! housecats.
dub Kult Dub KULT
Dub KULT is one of the few DJs and producers out there who has an instinctive feel for rocking a dance-floor while also having both something to say, and the skills with which to express himself. Live and on record, he plays techno and house, sometimes deep, sometimes hard, but always infused with some kind of off-kilter alien funk. He doesn't just do looping bangers, and he doesn't get lost in self-indulgence, but he does produce superbly funky, danceable yet lush music that has both attitude and soul.

A special insight into party music that's great for your soul and your head sets Dub apart from most producers and this has made him one of those artists the techno scene relies on for peak-time sounds. His records get props from everyone from LA Williams and Richard Grey to Ricardo Villalobos and Andy Weatherall, even Sven Vath. He's recently put out tunes through Warp's off shoot, Arcola, and influential German label Raum...Musik, plus he's already done the soundtrack for Channel 4's Burning Man film, the Tomorrow's World Live show, as well as for some web games and legendary fetish fashion show The Torture Garden. Most recently, he's been added to the roster of Shefield's Dust Science label.
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Melanie Kyrkland Melanie Kyrklund
Name: Melanie Kyrklund
Also known as: The Queen of MDAR1
Origins: London – Helsinki - Rome
Species: Cat
Habitat: This gregarious feline can often be found in Transparent Sound’s studio, banging on about Detroit and smoking tabs whilst making music.
Likes: DJing, bearding2, toilet humour, silliness, white wine spritzers
Dislikes: People who take themselves too seriously, thankfully she doesn’t seem to know many….
Good habits: Fully house trained
Bad habits: Leaving Orson’s records out of their sleeves (on occasion)
Influences: Top Cat, Felix, the ginger cat on the OHMboyz delay skin

1Pronouned “em-dar”, stands for minimal, deep and rank music
2 Verb; meaning excessively nerdy appreciation of records
espion Espion
Stephen Arnold AKA Espion, has been creating sounds, tracks and other ideas since 1994, making efforts to progress in the electronic music scene from around 2000. Heavily influenced by world music, film score and experimental electronica, Espion hopes to make his mark as an artist with a broad variety of style and sound. His live sets are often electro/breakbeat, but he has a lot of different material to choose from and a lot of journeys to lead.
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mr. velcro fastener Mr. Velcro Fastener
The finnish electro-group of Tatu Metsätähti and Tatu Peltonen, was formed more than ten years ago when they met in school, and soon noticed that they had similar interests in music. After few years exploring electronic music the duo had discovered their artistic direction and a name for the act: Mr Velcro Fastener originated! At the end of summer -97 the group was ready with the first serious recording sessions; the “Wad EP”, was released on their own label Tie Entertainment in the beginning of 1998. The record was noticed in the genre and got many boasting reviews all around the world. Few months after the second EP (the title "Robots 4 Life" was borrowed from NWA's "Niggaz 4 Life" and was a kind of a tribute to the duo's hiphop-background) came out on Tie Entertainment as well.

The next step was to join the German label i220 Music (ELP) which introduced the band with another 12” ("The Tie Entertainers" by the way included a very early mix of "Electric Appliances") followed by their legendary debut album “Lucky Bastards Living Up North”. The album consisted of selected tracks from the limited pressings of the first two EP's plus a few brand new tracks. In the beginning of the new millennium their new single “Who´s Gonna Bend” was again very well noticed. Tracks from the 12" featured on Dave Clarke´s mix compilation “World Service” and Pete Tong´s radio playlist but was also in heavy rotation in underground electro scene by DJ's such as Keith Tenniswood of Two Lone Swordsmen.

In spring 2001 the "Lucky Bastrads" album was licensed to USA by New York based Statra Recordings and it was followed by an US tour. After finishing the second full length album “Otherside” (this time the material was specifically made to create an album-like entity), the guys were busy doing remixes and collaborating with artists like Giant Robot, and Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience / Röyksopp). In winter 02-03 the Velcro-project conquered UK radiostations with the re-release of “Electric Appliances” (with a remix by the british breaks-duo Plump DJ's) and another two-track 12" on Electrix Records . In the meantime the Velcro Tatu's were compiling a collection of their favourite tunes for EFA "Deep Inside" compilation series. Along with the mix CD the band released also a retrospective “Thales of Miletos” CD/2LP which included the best materieal of the pre-velcro era - recordings from 1993-1996.

In 2004 Mr Velcro Fastener returned to the studio for making new music. While making remixes for finnish pop groups (The Crash, Maj Karma) and international techno acts (Marco Carola, DK8) the group started also working on a new album which is due to be released in January 2006.
Artificial Arm Bankok Impact

Bangkok Impact is the nom de disco of talented newcomer Sami Liuski. Sami is a 23-year-old electronics genius from the small town of Rovaniemi in northern Finland. His father is a dairy worker. His mother’s employed by the local police station. Sami lives on his own, but he has a girlfriend. He studies digital media at the University of Lapland.

Music is his consuming passion, however, and over the past two years Sami has released a handful of incredible singles. Chances are you’ll have heard his latest one, ‘Masters Of The Universe’, while out and about in the country’s hipper nightspots. A deluxe nine-minute nouveau-disco epic in two parts, ‘Masters Of The Universe’ is Sami’s hymn to that great macho stoic, He Man, and it rocks hard in the campest fashion possible. VICE magazine describes it as “the best dancefloor record pressed onto plastic this year” and you know what? They’re spot on.

Though Finnish, Sami has forged close ties with the formidable Dutch electro scene, which is finally receiving deserved exposure in the UK. There, respected labels such as Clone (based in Rotterdam), Crème Organization and Bunker (from The Hague), and major player I-F’s Viewlexx, Panama and Holosynthesis imprints champion a dirty, debonair approach to dance music that’s led to their style being dubbed ‘”The West Coast Sound of Holland”. In 2001, working under the pseudonym 8-Bit Rockers, Sami sent Bunker a demo which they swiftly released as a 12-inch. That same year, Sami gave Bunker another demo featuring tracks by his other aliases, Lolita Strap and Bangkok Impact. The Bunker crew were so impressed with Sami’s playful and inventive neo-disco sound that they instantly released it on their new label, Crème Organization.